Thursday, March 20, 2014

Great Things are happening in Ag class!

There has been a lot going on over the past week in ag classes.  The freshmen have read to both Kindergarten classes and the Kindergarteners have been able to learn about eggs and incubation.  They in turn showed and educated the freshmen class on an Ostrich egg.  The size difference is amazing!!!

Ben Winter has nearly completed a nice little lawn mower trailer.
The welding class has finished their MIG boards for the fair and are putting the finishing touches on electric fence posts that they made.  They now, need to come up with plans on their own for choice projects.  I think the choice projects are always fun to see what the students come up with!
 Vanessa Hiebner is putting the finishing touches on her year long project!  I think it's coming along nicely!!!  What do you think?

The Advanced Ag 1 class has begun a concrete unit!  On Tuesday they did several experiments on aggregates and the effect they have on concrete.

The freshmen are getting ready to begin shop projects.  They had to go over safety procedures for using the gas forge, drill press, etc.  They will get to choose one project from each of three areas: metal, woods, and soldering.  I know they can't wait, and neither can I!!!

On another note:  We have chicks!  The students get just as excited as I am when the chicks are getting ready to hatch!  Thanks to Marcia Traudt for all the eggs she has been bringing us!  By the time they get home to Marcia's house, they are going to be spoiled (but who wouldn't spoil these cute fluffy things?)!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Now that the majority of contest season is over.  I would like to congratulate the teams and individuals that have made it to state!
State Degree Candidates: Kelli Bergen, Brandon Boardman, Megan Boardman, Leah Friesen, Megan Friesen, and Olivia Prentice
Proficiency Award Applicants: Megan Boardman and Leah Friesen
Creed Speaker: Addie Swartzendruber
Teams: Agriscience, Agronomy, Meats, and Welding
State Chorus Members: Coby Steingard and Addie Swartzendruber
State Convention will be held April 9-11.  Your student will be bringing home more information as time gets closer.

The Heartland FFA Labor Auction will take place on March 17.  There will be a pancake feed beginning at 6:00pm with the labor auction beginning at 7:00.  The money raised from the auction helps to pay for activities that are done throughout the year.  These activities include various Leadership Conferences (COLT, National Convention, State Convention, and MFE), as well as entry fees for different activities/contests that the Heartland FFA competes in/attends.  Please consider joining us for a fun evening, and bidding on one of our 36 members.