Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Update

I believe that I forgot to update once we got close to Christmas.  The Holidays are exciting for me, and I was finally getting to go back to southeast Missouri!

Before we got to Christmas though, members participated in the Caroling for Cans event.  We teamed up with NHS and FBLA this year, and were able to bring in over 600lbs of food!  That's amazing!  Thank you to all of you in the Henderson and Bradshaw communities for helping to provide those less fortunate during the holidays!!!
Carolers came back to tables full of cookies and hot chocolate or apple cider, to warm up from the cold.

We were able to hold one of my favorite days, in December as well....How to Tie a Tie Day.  During this day, the freshmen class is taught how to tie ties, and then challenged to compete against each other on who's knot looks the best, and who can tie the fastest.

We also held the Greenhand Degree Ceremony.  Freshmen members decided to make shirts to specify their recognition.  Plus, they got to add their hand to the wall!  It's fun to see how that wall will change year after year!
 Greenhand Members receive their FFA Jacket with their Greenhand pin already attached during the Greenhand Degree Ceremony.
 Freshmen Greenhand Shirts that the class made to signify their ranking in the FFA.
 Greenhand candidates came in before school to dye their hands green, a Heartland tradition.
Students working on creating their shirts.

Once we got back to school in January, students began to finish out their 2014 record books, as well as filling out applications for Proficiency awards and State Degrees.  While filling out either application is a daunting task, students get a good look at how much money they made, how much money they spent, and how they have actually grown through their Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAEs).

Members were finally able to have an actual evening meeting in early January to discuss upcoming events, such as the Welding Competition, CDEs, FFA Week, and Community Day activities.

The Community Welding Competition was held January 22.  We missed a few of our usual supporters, but we still had fun.  The judges were ag teachers from Aurora and Fillmore Central.

We had 18 competitors sign up for ARC welding, MIG welding, and OA welding.  5 of our own members competed as well.  We also had 2 elementary students try their hand at the competition, as well as a 5 year old.
5 year old Noah Miller tries his hand at ARC welding, thanks to Matthew Hiebner's helmet.  Sorry Matthew...I have no idea where he grabbed it from.

Member Yanik Luebbert tries his hand at OA welding.

Competitors try their hand at ARC welding.

Members Ben Winter and Trevor Friesen try their hand at the MIG competition.

Members Paige Mestl and Ben Driewer try to help Liz Mestl with OA welding.

The table of welds to be judged.

Competitors awaiting results.  Who's going to win.

Winners of the welding competition were awarded cash prizes this year.  From Left to Right: Overall winner Jon Sanderson, ARC winner Rick Hiebner, and OA winner Yanik Luebbert.

Stay tuned to future updates of our chapter and classes.  Students are currently working on a variety of projects, including learning about the importance of fertilizer.  Members will also get the chance to go to Cattlemen's Classic on February 18.  And finally, plans are underway for National FFA week set for February 22-28.