Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Now that summer's over!

It's hard to believe how fast time flies.  It doesn't seem like that long ago when we were in classes last, and now we're already starting the new school year.  The FFA was busy during the summer.  The officers attended COLT and got to know the National President fairly well.

Members helped set up the York County Relay for Life events.  The officers attempted to host the annual dodgeball tournament during in Henderson days.  They also created a float to run through the parade and supervised the bouncy houses.
During Bradshaw days they held a concession stand for the participants and bystanders at the tractor pull.  They also hosted two of the meals that were held in conjunction of the Henderson Farmer's Market.  Thank you to all who came and supported the FFA during those meal functions.

To pass on a few updates: The chickens and ducks that were hatched in the classroom this past spring have been (and will be shown) at the county (and going to be state) fairs.  Here are our babies...and yes that duck is baby Petrie!

Incoming freshmen member, Kyle Ott, showed cattle at the County Fair.
Junior Officer, and an actual junior, Trevor Friesen showed some of his pigs.
 Crop winners at this year's county fair are from Right to Left: Megan Friesen, Kelli Bergen, and Trevor Friesen.  (Not real sure who the girl on the left is....she's not from Heartland).
 Kelli Bergen received Reserve Grand Champion on the gun rack that she made with her dad, Tim.
 FFA members who earned a total of 300 points, or more, throughout the past year were given the opportunity to stay the night in the zoo.  If you ask the members, they are sure to agree, that this was one of the best trips.  You arrive at the zoo after it is closed, and wait for zoo staff to come to get you.  At all times, you have to be accompanied by zoo staff, or the security guards will escort you from the grounds.  This could be a bad deal, as they park the bus on the inside of the gates too.
 Once settled in, staff members then give you a tour of the zoo.  They have some pretty interesting facts to tell you about the animals.  Unfortunately, they don't turn the lights on in the creatures of the night exhibit until after 10...and we were already done hiking by then.  We did, however, get to hike through the jungle with all the flying bats!
 I know this next picture looks a little weird, but what an amazing experience for members.  They lined one side of the shark tunnel with sleeping bags!  Yes!  We got to sleep with the sharks!  Unfortunately, nearly all the lights go out at midnight, which was before this picture was taken! just so happens that we went to the zoo on a member's day.  If you ever get the chance to go during member's's busy...but so cool!  Members got to walk into the giraffe pen, where the trainers work.  Members also got to walk to the top of the aquarium, and look into the part where they spent the night.  Trainers were also feeding the sharks at that time.  And for those inquiring minds, Yes...that is a shark in the middle of this picture!
 We forgot to take a group shot, until right when we were headed to the bus.  These kids are amazing!!!