Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

I know that it's been a while since this blog was last updated.  A lot has been going on around us and I haven't had much time to sit and write.

On the FFA side of things, magazine sales started.  This may or may not be the last year that we do magazine sales.  Hopefully, students have asked if you wanted one.  Don't be afraid to say no, there's no use in spending your money on something you don't really want.  Members are asked to sell 5 magazines to offset the cost of chapter/state/national dues.  Dues are set at $25, with each magazine equating to $5 for the chapter.

The FFA is running the concession stand at the football game on Friday night.  It will be the first home football game of the year, and it should be a good one!  Feel free to come out and buy something from us and enjoy a great game!

On August 25, we had our first FFA meeting of the year.  We had a picnic in the park, discussed magazine sales, and asked for member input on fun reward trips this year.  We also held a slip-n-slide.  By the time that we got to the slip-n-slide it was rather cold out!  Some members could have cared less on the temperature!  They had a blast!

Members also entered crops and projects into the state fair.  Entries went in on Friday, with the help of Clyde Goertzen's stock trailer (Thanks Clyde!)  Volunteers went to the fair on Saturday to help judge the projects.  This is a great opportunity, as members have the ability to listen to the judges and learn about what makes a great exhibit!  On Monday, when most kids were off of school, members went to the fair to help pick up projects so that they were able to come back home.  The fair isn't a time for all work and no play, however.  Members did have the chance to stroll the grounds and catch a ride or two.  The following picture is of the sophomores chairs that they created last year in AgScience.

As far as class goes, the Advanced Ag 1 class has been discussing the importance of plants and how they affect our everyday life.  They will soon break down the parts of a plant as well as work on the outside landscape.  Here they are taking the time to trim the Yew in the archway.

The welding students are learning about the safety necessary to be out in the shop.  They have figured out how to light a neutral flame, as well as to push a puddle for OA welding.  It won't be long and their welding boards for next year's fairs will be done!

The AgScience class has talked about the three circle model that makes up Agriculture Education.  We have discussed the classroom and SAEs so far.  Most of our students have already developed a great SAE!  Tomorrow we're going to begin discussing FFA!

The AgProjects class has already started working on projects.  Trevor is making a trailer, while Jayden is making a few more benches to go around the campfire.  Johnny is working on creating vegetable storage crates.  Ben is getting ready to work on a vehicle.  Not all of these guys have been in action at the same time.  The following are pictures of them so far though!

The AdAg 2 class is discussing food science.  Currently, they are talking about calorie balance and getting ready to chart their daily activities.  This will help them figure out how many calories they should each take in during a day.  They will soon be creating a calorie calculator that they will have to try out to see how well the calculator actually works.

Finally, the 8th graders are defining what agriculture exactly is, as well as looking at the various pathways.  Soon, they will be talking about global agriculture and learning more about various states' agriculture.

Some upcoming events for the FFA are a meeting on September 8.  Attendance at Husker Harvest Days on September 10.  Careers in Ag Day on September 24.  And Farm Safety and Health Week Presentations to the upper elementary on September 26.