Wednesday, March 18, 2015's been busy!!!

It has been almost a month since we've last caught you up to date!'s been busy!!!

FFA Week went off with a bang!

On Monday, February 23, members enjoyed the traditional pizza for lunch.

During the Ag Science class that week, we finished up our Nutrients for Life video.  It's pretty catchy too!  I highly recommend watching it if you get a chance.  (Simply click on the words Nutrients for Life video, and it should take you to the video.)


 On Tuesday, February 24, members held the "Drive your tractor to School" day.  There were four tractors this year!!!  Drivers were Yanik Luebbert, Trevor Friesen, Coby Steingard, and Parker Goertzen.

On Wednesday, February 25, students who wore a FFA shirt were given a candy bar.

On Thursday, February 26, we held the annual Barnyard.  This year to coincide with the barnyard, we had a trivia table.  If students were able to answer questions correctly, they were given a prize.  Thanks to Cornerstone Bank and Aurora Coop for those donations!  I think this is something that we will continue to expand on in the future!!!  Also, thanks to Trevor Friesen for getting Kim Siebert's calf and bringing a horse.  Thanks to Kim Siebert for allowing us to borrow the calf!  Thanks to Nate Rogers for bringing the sheep.  Thanks to Addie and Brent Swartzendruber for the tractor.  Thanks to Marcia Traudt for the bunnies and the cat.  Thanks to Rachelle and Bryce Allen for bringing in their chickens.  Also thanks to Trevor, Nate, Ben Winter, and Jayden Epp for taking care of the panels for the barnyard.



On Friday, February 27, we held our annual Staff appreciation breakfast.  This year, we also invited the area farmers in as a token of our appreciation for all that they do.  Officers were here before 7:00 in order to get the pancake feed going on time.  And the seniors were finally able to flip the cakes, therefore learning a new skill!
On Friday night, some of the members attended the new Activate Conference so that they could meet new friends while working on their leadership skills.

On March 3, members competed in District Career Development Contests.  Clay Bergen received 5th place overall in the agronomy contest.  Teams moving on to state convention are: Meats, Agriscience, and Agronomy.

On March 10, members competed in District Livestock Judging contests which were held in Aurora.  The Junior Livestock judgers placed 3rd as a team, allowing them to move on to state as well!  Krynn Arbuck did a great job by placing 5th out of 112 competitors.

On March 16, the Heartland FFA chapter held their annual FFA Labor Auction.  Thank you for all those that came out to support the chapter and buy some labor.  Your support is greatly appreciated!!!!

 Before signing off today, I'd like to leave you with some more words by the freshmen ag students on what they learned about nutrients....
"Nutrients are very important to plants.  A majority of the nutrients come from the soil.  Oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen are the only nutrients that don't.  The 3 most important nutrients are NPK.  N for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus, and K for Potassium.  These nutrients keep the leaves from turning yellow, purple, or even prevent burnt leaves.  Another reason for NPK is so that the plants will grow strong and tall.  Nitrogen helps gain energy through photosynthesis, without photosynthesis the plant lacks energy and food.  Without phosphorus, the leaves will turn purple and the plant will NOT make seeds and flowers won't bloom (therefore, no fruit will produce).  Phosphorous helps roots stay strong and healthy.  Potassium fights diseases and so without it, the plant could get sick."

Really, though, you need to watch the video if you haven't yet!!!!