Thursday, September 15, 2016

Whats Going on?

Since the last post, out FFA has done so much, from personal fundraisers to big FFA trips. The first thing the new officers did was have a little campout in Addie's backyard. The purpose of that was so we could get the feel of how we worked together and see what ideas we could come up with for the new year.
The big zoo trip was an experience for members who reached 250 points out of the whole year. You get points by showing up to meetings, going to conventions, and participating in competitions. We had a lot of fun! When we went, we stopped at the Claas of America, which is the only manufacturing headquarters in the United States for that company.  We got to tour the plant, and climb in the comfy tractors.

Then off we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. While we were there we got a private tour that evening and the next morning, plus we got to sleep under the aquarium tunnel! 

 We also got to have an animal encounter with a tortoise.

Next on the list is Community Days. The FFA held a basketball tournament for anyone to compete in! we had a great turnout and would like to thank everyone who helped out.

The next day, we were in charge of putting on activities for the children. They loved the "water balloon toss" which ended up being a bunch of kids running through the water hose while we tried to fill up the balloons.

During the farmers market, the officers set up a dinner for everyone in the community if they wanted any. The first week, we had hotdogs and hamburgers, and the second week was sloppy joes. That fundraiser went to helping us pay for different conventions and activities.
We also had several members compete at the County and State Fair.

Members also got to learn about milk and cheese while studying for the Dairy Foods Contest.  This was the first year that Nebraska has done it for several (probably close to 20+ years).

All agricultural students were also given the opportunity to work on updating the courtyards.  They got the privilege to work closely with Travis Friesen and his crew, Friesen Landscaping, to get the courtyards looking nice.  Ag students got to put together lights, haul rocks, plant shrubs, dig the pond, set up automatic sprinklers, and run a little electrical.  Students have enjoyed eating lunch out next to the fountain, and hopefully soon we can add some fish.

The last thing I have for you is when we went to Husker Harvest Days. We did a scavenger hunt and got some free t-shirts out of the deal! The scavenger hunt was a fun experience for people like us to get to know what kind of job opportunities and technological advantages the farming industry has. Unfortunately, we have not rounded up any pictures from this event yet.  (Maybe we can share on the next post.)
Thank you to all who support our FFA and hope you enjoy what the FFA does for the community, 

Karah Joyner

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